Experience paranormal adventures at the Historic SDG Jail


Paranormal History

The Historic SDG Jail was built in 1833. During it’s activity many people died on the premises due to executions, illness and in a few cases, torture and murder. Any bodies that were not claimed by the families were buried on the premises, which is now the parking lot, exercise yard as well as the more modern north part of the jail. During the construction in 1990 of the northern section of the jail, multiple bodies were dug up, including the bodies of Henry Seguin and Peter Balcombe, two murderers who were sentenced to hanging here at the jail. There’s an estimated number of around 100 bodies still buried on the premises between the parking lot and exercise yard.

Gruesome stories of the jails past lurk all throughout the jail. Many visitors feel the presence of energy, quite a few have even claimed to see the infamous lady in black spirit and also of a boy named Matthew who haunts the courtroom.

The jail is no stranger to bizarre encounters and events, each room has a story to tell. From the death of a judge during a trial to phones calling 911 in the middle of the night while the jail unattended. Multiple of our staff members as well as visitors have heard the clinging of keys and chains, whistling and even a harmonica playing, but whenever they go to investigate, no one is there. Footsteps are often also heard coming from the courtroom above the jail at times when there should be no one up there.

Paranormal investigations have been happening at the jail since it shutdown as a prison in 2002. The jail is featured on the show “Creepy Canada” a link to episode can be found here. After the investigation was concluded, the investigator, with twelve years of paranormal experience, confidentially highlights that the jail is a hot spot for paranormal activity, describing it as “it’s very active, to the point where we can’t keep up with the amount of sound and video that there is” in regards to their investigation, and then concludes to say it is definitely haunted.



Ever wondered what it’s like to investigate paranormal activity? Look no further! With the help of the Ottawa based paranormal group “Phantom’s of Yore” you can can spend hours in the dark at a nearly 200 year old prison investigating the paranormal! With your ticket purchase you will receive a tour of the jail, use of paranormal equipment such as spirit box, EMF reader, infrared cameras, night vision cameras, and monitoring stations. You’re footage and results will be reviewed by the company and a finished copy sent to you! For more information click the “Get Tickets” button down below!

Brought to you by Phantoms of Yore

Brought to you by Phantoms of Yore