School Group Tours At The Historic SDG Jail


The Historic SDG Jail offers guided school tours for grades 4-12. The tours cover curriculum topics such as the role of the government and responsible citizens, the function and reality of the penal system in Canada, the political and physical history of the region of SDG, and the historical evolution of society and of the legal system in Canada. Students will be able to interact with the facility, walking through different era’s and additions of the jail, to create a unique, experiential learning environment.

Topics covered during the tour:

  • The Penal System

    • Learn about the role of the jail/prison system in maintaining order in society, its fails, successes and evolution.

  • The Fenian Escape

    • Learn about the Irish ban of rebels, their plan to disrupt British colonial rule, and how the mayor of Cornwall, almost started a war.

  • SDG

    • Learn about the original land of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, and how the jail was at the center of the legal system for the entire county.

  • The Legal System

    • Learn about the evolution of the Canadian legal system, from the court cases tried in the jail, to the practice of capital punishment in Canada.

    • Learn about local judges and how they affected change within SDG and throughout the province.

School Group Pricing

The price per student during a school group tour is $5 each. Teachers and support staff are free!

Tours run every hour on the hour within groups of 15 students max. For larger groups, tours will be broken down to approximately 15 people each, and separated by 10 minutes.

** Please note the jail is not wheelchair accessible. We apologize for any inconvenience **