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Experience a Paranormal Lock Up at the Historic SDG Jail in Cornwall, Ontario. Spend an evening filled with historical and paranormal intrigue in a nearly 200 year old jail!

About The Jail

The Historic SDG Jail was constructed in 1833 and was active until 2002, serving as both a minimum and maximum security facility throughout it's history.




Constructed in 1833, the Historic SDG Jail holds plenty of local history. It was the site of many escapes, it served as an asylum, as a house of refuge and also was home to a notable courthouse.

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Inside the Prison

Designed to hold around 35 inmates, the Jail was often overcrowded. The conditions of the jail were at times gruesome, at other times fair. Sometimes the jail would even be home to the family of the inmates.


Deathly tales

 The Jail was the site of many deaths, whether it be by hanging, illness, suicide, or sometimes even violence. Not to mention the numerous unclaimed bodies  buried in the exercise yard.

Discover the history of the jail with a guided tour


Tours have ended for the 2019 Season

The Historic SDG Jail offers guided tours, where you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide. During the course of the tour you will visit the original courthouse, every cell block, the surveillance room, the exercise yard, the gallows and much more. Along the way, our tour guides will give you every bit of information they know and answer all of your questions!